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TimeX Brand Concept

TimeX, founded in 2022, is a High-end Light Luxury Metal Home Furniture brand owned by Win balance Enterprise which has 25 years experience in this field.

Working together with the deisgn director Massimo Cappella, we are committed to creating a metal furniture with “temperature”, the world could feel the warmth from the metal life goods.

TimeX is a premium brand specializing in crafting high-quality and visually appealing metal furniture for both hospitality and domestic settings. With a keen eye for design, TimeX creates pieces that are both stylish and functional, using only the best materials and construction techniques. From sleek chairs to elegant tables and lighting, their furniture is perfect for anyone who desires a touch of luxury in their space. Whether it's a cozy home or a bustling restaurant, TimeX furniture is sure to elevate any environment.

TimeX Origin

Time is a philosophical concept, a dimension of space-time, just like the vast universe, full of unknown, uncertainty and dynamic beauty, eternity is not immutable, there are X factors in the unknown.

TimeX Mission

Through careful functional design, we are committed to addressing the user's pain points in daily life. At the same time, we provide intimate service, hoping to eliminate customers' worries and anxiety, bringing a better and more fulfilling experience to everyone's life.

TimeX Vision

Build a Classic,Become a Classic

Warm heart service and warm space collocation endow temperature for metallized furniture.

TimeX Metal Furniture

Insight into design, TimeX selects first-class materials and exquisite construction technigues to create fashionable and practical works.From smooth chairs to elegant tables and lighting, every piece of TimeX showcases the ultimate pursuit of detail and a keen grasp of fashion.

Metal Table

All-metal one-piece table, simple, lightweight and stable.

Metal Chairs

Stand like a pine, sit like a bell. Near 90° backrest, demure sitting posture.

Light Luxury Lamp

Unique design, intelligent lighting, create a warm atmosphere.

Technical Innovation

TimeX inheritance+technological innovation, solving industry difficulties.

TimeX Service

Whether at home or in commercial settings, TimeX furniture can add luxury and quality to your space, bringing a comfortable, elegant, and fashionable living experience.

Cafe Space

The coffee shop space is a leisure venue that TimeX focuses on creating. Enjoying the aroma of coffee in the bustling city requires a unique space

Hotel Space

The finely polished metal texture bringsa sense of luxury to the overall hotel space.

Homestay Space

A product that can be used both indoors and outdoors, providing more space solutionsfor homestays.

TimeX Partners

TimeX co-designs with many brands to exchange experiences in furniture design and manufacturing.

TimeX and Camino brand jointly developed a product series, which was well received by the market.

TimeX and Smart Top brand jointly developed a product series, which was well received by the market.

TimeX and TEXa brand jointly developed a product series, which was well received by the market.

TimeX Success Strategy

We are a professional team with a unique approach to design and strict standards for quality.

Design team

Italian designer Massimo Cappella leads the university design team and has more than 10 years of design research on furniture styling. The team has won many international awards.

Sales team

The sales team knows customer needs and offers personalized solutions to enhance satisfaction and loyalty. Our sales team collaborates closely with marketing, after-sales, and R&D to provide comprehensive service.

QC team

The quality inspection team has established a strict quality control system to conduct comprehensive inspections of products, identify and solve problems in a timely manner, and ensure the quality of products or services.

TimeX Furniture Exhibition

Every year at furniture exhibitions, we showcase the latest in furniture design for you.

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TimeX Focuses on Brand Restaurant Furniture Customization

Explore a range of metal column furniture concepts and take advantage of TimeX’s rapid customization capabilities to bring your ideas to life. Whether improving an existing design or creating something completely new, our personalized service ensures your furniture vision becomes a reality efficiently.
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