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WIN BALANCE Introduction

Win Balance is the manufacturing factory of the founder of the TimeX brand.

Since 1997, we have focused on manufacturing restaurant furniture accessories, providing base accessories for major public facility manufacturing companies in the United States and Europe. In recent years, we have established a team of European designers, relying on years of experience to provide high-quality hotel restaurant, coffee shop furniture and design services for domestic and foreign consumers.At the same time, we also provide isolation belts for public places such as airports and banks, ensuring a more comfortable and safer travel experience for people.

Since stable, then peaceful.

Introducing Equipment Optimizing Technology

TimeX has a professional furniture manufacturing department. To ensure the quality of our furniture, we continually upgrade our internationally advanced equipment, processes, and technology. We have now invested in automatic production lines, automated high-level painting lines, and plastic spraying lines, which not only improve quality, but also significantly enhance production capacity.

Automatic casting line-Such as the corss base

Automatic painting line-Such as Golden surface

Furniture Casting Production Process

The strict manufacturing of furniture is the guarantee of quality. We have professional workers to check and produce every step of the production process.
  • Mold

  • Raw Materials

  • Liquid Metal

  • Mix Sand

  • Combination Sand Box

  • Pouring

  • Shot Blasting

  • Polish

  • Machine Processing

  • Quality Inspection

Furniture Spraying Process

The strict manufacturing of furniture is the guarantee of quality. We have professional workers to check and produce every step of the production process.

Casting Hanging


Clean up After Spraying

Advanced Furniture Production Equipment

Our advanced furniture production equipment quickly and accurately completes tasks, increasing efficiency and reducing errors to ensure consistent quality.

Plate Cutting Machine

Fully Automatic CNC Bending Machine

Semi-Automatic CNC Bending Machine

Laser Cutter

Leveling Machine

Burr Processing Machine

Ensuring Quality Across the Process

The high quality of TimeX comes from our meticulous quality control throughout the entire production process. It is our responsibility to create every piece of furniture with care.

Our testing

  • Contact Contamination Experiment
  • Salt Cpray Test
  • Liquid Metal Composition Test
  • Hardness Test of Aluminium Tube
  • Coating
  • Flatness Detection
  • Load Test
  • Aging Test
  • Hardness Testing
  • Coating Film Impactor

Raw material inspection

Contact contamination experiment

Salt spray test

Industry Certification

ISO9001 Certification

Our factory proudly holds ISO9001 certification, ensuring that its products and services meet and surpass international standards. This underscores our commitment to excellence and efficient management. We strive to offer consistently reliable offerings to our customers.

Social Responsibility Certification

Our Social Responsibility Certification underscores our commitment to ethical practices, sustainability, and community engagement. It signifies our dedication to fair labor, environmental stewardship, and creating a positive impact on society.

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TimeX Focuses on Brand Restaurant Furniture Customization

Explore a range of metal column furniture concepts and take advantage of TimeX’s rapid customization capabilities to bring your ideas to life. Whether improving an existing design or creating something completely new, our personalized service ensures your furniture vision becomes a reality efficiently.
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