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How to clean metal furnitures?

How to clean metal furnitures?

Jan 25,2024
When cleaning metal furnitures, including custom metal tables, custom metal chairs, lift table bases, and so on, attention should be paid to some details to avoid damage to the furniture or affecting its appearance. Here are some steps and precautions for cleaning metal furniture:

Prepare tools and materials:
  Prepare some cleaning supplies, such as soft cloths, glass cleaners, metal cleaners, cotton swabs, etc. Make sure you use cleaning products suitable for cleaning metal furniture to avoid using cleaning products containing corrosive ingredients.

Dust removal: 
  Use a soft dry cloth or feather duster to gently remove surface dust from metal furniture. Make sure you move gently to avoid scratching the metal surface.

Clean the surface:
  For stains or stubborn dirt on metal furnitures, a small amount of metal cleaner can be used. Apply the cleaner to a soft cloth, gently rub the stain or dirt, and be careful not to use too much force or rough cloths to avoid scratching the metal surface. For difficult-to-remove stains, use a cotton swab dipped in some cleaner for spot cleaning.

Prevent oxidation: 
  Metal furniture that is exposed to air or sunlight for long periods of time may cause oxidation discoloration. To avoid this, after cleaning, a small amount of rust preventative oil or anti-oxidation oil can be applied to the metal surface to form a protective layer and prevent oxidation.

  After cleaning, let the metal furniture dry naturally in a dry place, away from direct sunlight or damp environments to avoid rusting or water stains.

Regular maintenance:
  To maintain the beauty and service life of metal furniture, regular cleaning and maintenance are recommended. Regularly use a soft cloth to wipe the metal surface to maintain its luster and cleanliness.

It should be noted that different types of metal furniture may require different cleaning and maintenance methods. Therefore, before cleaning, it is recommended to understand the material and manufacturing process of your metal furniture to choose the appropriate cleaning method and materials. At the same time, avoid using rough cloths or scratchy tools that may damage the metal surface.

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