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WIN BALANCE leads the metal home trend with its new Timex brand at BIG Sight AFF in Tokyo, Japan

WIN BALANCE leads the metal home trend with its new Timex brand at BIG Sight AFF in Tokyo, Japan

Nov 17,2023
  WIN BALANCE made its debut at the BIG Sight AFF Asia International Furniture Fair in Tokyo, Japan, November 15-17, with new brand TimeX. At the show, Massimo's original table, chairs and WIN BALANCE's mechanical lifting table bases were on display. These products are Nothing in Common in the exhibition with their unique metallic style and human-oriented design concept.

  TimeX-branded products received a lot of attention during the show. Unique design concept and excellent product quality has been highly recognized by professionals. Many visitors appreciated the design style and usability of the TimeX product and were optimistic about its future market prospects.

  The experience of participating in the exhibition was very rewarding for us. Not only the brand image has been improved, but also through the communication and learning with industry professionals, the brand design and product development has a deeper understanding. The company said that this exhibition experience has strengthened our determination to take the road of brand design, but also to the future direction of development provides valuable inspiration.

  TimeX's vision is to create a classic, to become a classic. During the exhibition, WIN BALANCE showed the three major ideas of TimeX brand: first, through warm service and warm space collocation, metal degree furniture to give temperature; The second is to do the global metal furniture standard, become a well-known furniture brand, and finally is to inherit the Chinese classic, become a world classic, Chinese traditional culture and technology has a profound historical background and unique charm, is the inspiration for our brand. These concepts show the TimeX brand vision and determination, but also reflects the company's understanding of the furniture industry and pursuit.

  In addition, the TimeX brand is dedicated to addressing users' pain points in their daily lives through careful functional design. We see this as our mission as a socially responsible company and our commitment to providing a better life experience for our users. At the same time, we through intimate service, hoping to eliminate customers' worries and anxiety, for everyone's life to bring beauty and soul distillation, so that more people know and recognize the TimeX brand.

  In general, Tokyo, Japan, BIG Sight AFF Asia international furniture fair for WIN BALANCE provides a display brand image and product design platform. Through exchanges and learning with industry professionals, we have a clearer understanding of their own brand concept and product development. In the future, expect our TimeX brand to continue to innovate and develop in the field of metal home, to bring more high-quality products and services to global consumers.
Take pictures of the exhibition site
Take pictures of the exhibition site

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