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TimeX participates in Guangzhou Design Week 2023: Embracing the future of furniture design

TimeX participates in Guangzhou Design Week 2023: Embracing the future of furniture design

Dec 11,2023
  From December 8 to 11, 2023, the annual Guangzhou Design Week will be held at the Guangzhou International Sourcing Center, which has become a platform for showcasing the latest design innovations and promoting industrial development.

  TimeX will join hands with POPOFFICES, Smart Top and Legend to form a strong brand alliance and showcase the latest furniture products to the audience. These products include customized metal tables, chairs, lift table bases, etc., which are not only fully functional, but also uniquely designed, combining form and function.

  TimeX's journey of excellence in design began in 2021 when we first participated in the Cotton Tree Design Award. The Origami product won the Cotton Tree Design Product Award that year. The following year, Trio and Bond won both the Cotton Tree Design Product Award and the highly coveted Cotton Tree Supreme Design Award.

  The highlight of the event was the themed event "Igniting Workplace Design and Leading Innovation and Change" held on the booth in the afternoon of December 10. The purpose of the event was to share cutting-edge design concepts and promote innovation and change in the workplace.

  TimeX is no stranger to innovation and superior design. Our custom metal tables, chairs, and furniture are not only functional items, but also works of art that combine form and function. Our custom lift tables are carefully designed to maximize adaptability and ergonomic comfort.

  Guangzhou Design Week is more than an exhibition; it is a platform for designers, manufacturers, and industry experts to gather together, share ideas, trends, and insights into future design. TimeX's participation in this event demonstrates our commitment to leading innovative design in office furniture.

  In conclusion, the Guangzhou Design Week 2023 was a great success, showcasing the best achievements of Chinese design to the world. TimeX's contribution to this event proves our commitment to breaking boundaries and creating designs that are not only functional but also inspiring and exciting. As they continue to collaborate with other leading brands and showcase our products at international events, we look forward to bringing more groundbreaking designs in the coming years.
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